Vision & Mission

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Technological education is the backbone of a nation

* In the middle of first & second world war the knowledge of engineering has spread. So the head of the state has could expend in the field of military an engineering.

* After the 80th century, higher knowledge of technology institute build up. It is from the 90th century up to day material-infrastructure construction will exceed within 21th century; it will be more 20% in middle engineering. The demand of the world will increase along with.

* Up to 80, it is similar to earn in polytechnical knowledge as the work field.But the current situation is different. There is no problem to the will fair of information & technology. We can get from internet Browse.

* Every polytechnic graduates must be expert in the use of computer. It is to ensured "Cox'sBazar Model Polytechnic Institute(CMPI)".

* The success of the ox'sBazar Model polytechnic Institute depends to the accomplishment of polytechnic graduate.

* At the rapid change of technological world, mills-factory, structure of commerce is full of well technology. So, ox'sBazar Model polytechnic Institute is trying to do work to keep peace with the modern technology to make expert engineering.


It is sure that in the field of practical teaching and along with the getting of raw materials & Diploma engineering driving by engineering machine expert in practical knowledge. Skilled Diploma is given importance to the employment for the post of engineering.